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           Magic Vet Life Science was incorporated as a company in 2015.  Established in the year 2014 Magic Vet Life Science entering in its best year of services. At the moment our company is doing good business in Punjab & Haryana with an eye to expand its operations at national level. We in a very short span of time have created formulations which are effective to benefit animal health & production thus aiding in white revolution for the country. Our mission is to create difference in terms of animal health & production through aiding in treatment & nutritional solutions.

                The company objective is to market and distribute a range of quality animal health products to the Indian veterinary profession and animal health industry. The company has been structured to combine the experience, expertise, financial and other resources of its directors, to enable it to effectively and efficiently become a significant force in the animal health industry in India. The directors combine wide experience in business management, sales and marketing management, and technical expertise in the veterinary pharmaceutical industry.


          A privately held company with head office currently in Bhawanigarh Distt. Sangrur. Magic Vet Life Science is founded in 2014 by Mr. Rakesh Sharma (Managing Director).


            Not only do we commit excellence in our formulation but in all of our internal business areas. You can see it in action every day, empowering our staff to reach out with new and better medicinal & nutritional solutions. The quality is beyond the horizon of any negotiation. Company could meet stringent standards in healthcare & ISO 9001-2008 Certifications. The company strictly follows ISO in all aspects of production and distributions activities.

        The company is managed by young and enthusiastic team who has taken upon themselves a challenge to take the organization amount the top.


          Magic Vet Life Science continually evaluates expansion opportunities and actively looks to acquire businesses license technology and enter into synergistic alliances. If you have a product, technology or business that you think would be a good fit for evaluation same is welcome and let us know at our e-mail address:

Company Philosophy

The company was established on the premise that the opportunity and timing was appropriate for a well-resourced company in Indian veterinary and animal health supply industry at the time of its inception.

India's general economy has had steady growth over the past few years, especially its agricultural industry. There are a number of multinational and local companies involved in the animal health industry. The industry is very competitive with several privately owned companies promoting products manufactured overseas by distribution agreements, as well as their own locally made lines.

The agreement to combine the human and financial resources of Magic Vet Life Science was seen as an opportunity to bring the right blend of resources, experience, and expertise together to service the animal industry effectively, without entering as a direct competitor to existing firms.

The company's objective has been to have clear focus on providing and marketing quality products to the animal health industry, especially veterinary outlets and the equine market in particular. The experience, contacts, and understanding of the market by all working director/manager is seen as being a major strength, and a marketing differential that has permitted the company to achieve rapid but controlled growth, while offering an experienced and professional service to both the domestic market and the company's product suppliers.

The Managing Director & General Manager (Administration) have all worked together closely in previous successful ventures and their experiences are directly complementary, combining business, financial, management, technical and administration skills with a full understanding of all aspects of the target markets.

We offer our goods and services both directly to veterinary clinics and through the existing Indian veterinary wholesaling system. There is the understanding to avoid conflicts of business interests between agency principals with respect to product selection, and to develop the market potential for all chosen products with full commitment and in field support.

Magic Vet Life Science rapidly became a major supplier to the animal health industry in Punjab & Haryana and has experienced steady growth from 2014 to the present day. Our product range is extensive and includes prescription products such as antibiotics, anaesthetics, anti-inflammatory and hormones, surgical supplies, nutritional supplements, equine products, and dermatological products.

Each product marketed by Magic Vet Life Science must pass stringent quality control checks before the product is offered for sale in the open market. Apart from offering the best quality products, Magic Vet Life Science gets each product tried and tested by veterinary professionals. Their success is company's success. Their reputation will add to company's reputation. So Magic Vet Life Science has developed close contact with veterinary professionals through well trained dedicated field force. We are continuously striving to establish Punjab & Haryana distribution network. In future we will establish countrywide and firm professional relation, a dream, will be fulfilled with kind cooperation of Veterinary Professionals.


"Magic Vet Life Science was established with a sole aim of serving the animal healthcare industry and with market response we believe we have been able to do so."

Rakesh Sharma - Managing Director

"The workforce of Magic Vet Life Science is technically trained for field Marketing."

Mrs. Meenu Sharma - General Manager (Administration)